Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Creative Caucus - The Voice of Change

The creative caucus has been formed to create a forum and a voice for the creative community from around the world. Our mission is to establish a diverse global community that brings together those working in the creative professions in order to discuss issues related to establishing and maintaining creative culture on a local, national and global level.

Our intention is to examine sociopolitical conditions from a cultural point of view with the idea of coming to a consensus and publishing public recommendations for improving the conditions that lead to healthy and safe cultural expression for those engaged in creative experiment and to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to political candidates, governmental policies and news media.

We will look at and discuss political propaganda and corporate advertising to assess its message and the overt and covert implications as well as the creative expressions of Pop Culture and the undercurrents it points to.

We foster diversity, openness, tolerance and the free expression of ideas and viewpoints as they relate to the creative community which gives shape to the world we live in. It is our right to be creative and our duty to consider the impact of our activities on the broader community.

We recognize that everything that takes shape in the world of mankind is given shape and form by the creative community.

We recognize that it is we who are the innovators, we who are the problem solvers, we who are those who dream up what will become reality for everyone in society.

We recognize that it is we who design the places where people live, we who design the products that people use in their daily lives, we who invent and decide every detail that surrounds and supports the lives of every person.

Join us to explore the ethics and the issues surrounding the creative culture, its impact on society and the sociopolitical impact of society on creative culture. Share your knowledge and views on politics and policy as it relates to helping or hampering the free exchange of creative ideas and innovations in societies around the world.

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