Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello Creative Caucus

Hello Cecil (& New Members),

I learned about this forum from your message to the collage group and the idea is very inspiring. Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of all of us out here.

What really got me going is the interest in analyzing political and corporate propaganda - with a view to a better world.

I frequently find myself screaming at atrocious ad campaigns and the seeming lack of learning behind them. This moment I'm annoyed with the Brooke Shields Volkswagen Routon (sp?) ads. Does anyone else think the term "German engineering" and babies together in the same concept screams Nazis and Mengele and eugenics? Is this in poor taste, offensive even, or is it just me???? Someone, anyone, please share your thoughts (and I'm not Jewish - for the record).

It seems to me it's been too, too long since I heard anyone call for genuine critique, and now, in the U.S. with our new President-elect, maybe the time is ripe for all of us to put the thinking caps back on and get back on the road to building a future that's as bright as can be for everyone on this planet.

YES WE CAN!!! (sorry - I am very pleased that we Baracked the vote)

Here's to some engaging stuff on the e horizon....


Doris said...

I've also found myself alternately offended and yet also tongue in check amused by the Volkswagon ads.I highly doubt the general public is able to relate to it, more likely they assume they should know the joke and laugh unwittingly. I imagine the creator understood that. Or am I putting far too much thought into something I know so little about?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Doris,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I don't get the joke though. Is the claim that women are gettng pregnant to get the car the joke?

I'm sure you're correct that that's the point of the ad, but I just don't find it funny because I can't get over the Nazi connections - the same as I always felt the name of the store The Eagle's Nest was in poor taste (that was the name of Hitler's hideout).

But added to all that, in this day of over population and environmental peril, to encourage breeding and buying more SUVs is simply grossly offensive to me.

It could very well be that I can't sit well with the trappings of late (maybe failed at this stage) hyper-capitalism. We've had some huge harbingers of environental meltdown, and if we don't begin to change our consumer/petroleum society and all our actions, all our cultural production, all our civic/public/social activities, then I think we're in for a nasty surprise from the planet at the very least.

For these reasons, I cannot turn a blind eye to advertising that encourages the same strain of consumerism that I believe has hastened us to this abyss we're peering over.

Of course, maybe I just need to take a chill pill....but let's keep the dialogue going!