Thursday, November 6, 2008

Letter to Rachel Maddow

Hi Rachel,

I am an artist and am director of the Ontological Museum at I would like to introduce you to a new term “ Massurreality” (SEE BELOW) It has been floating around for about 10 years now in the art world.

With the election we are seeing a huge shift in the massurreality that will directly reshape the world as we know it. I believe for the better. Every person contributes to or participates in the massurreality on a daily basis. We are all responcible for shaping the massurreality and it would be interesting if you could introduce this term on your show as a way for people to understand that our world via media is a kind of dream world that we all have the power to shape. We have a major riff in the massurreality at the moment created by republican propaganda techniques which attempt to replace the obvious with strange misshapen tokens of propaganda that conform to the elements of the strange gameboard they are using to look at the world. It is a kind of belief structure that forces all incoming information into conformity with a carefully constructed but very limited view of the world. This is why they are having such a hard time adapting to what has happened – Obama made a new board with new rules and these guys are lost because they don’t recognize the game pieces or what they mean. This blindness is obvious by the pick of Palin to try to get Clinton supporters – They did not understand the dynamic and did not see that this response had nothing to do with what the Clinton supporters wanted.

Anyway, Love your show and best of luck to you. In a way I don’t think it is good to merely make a liberal counter point to FNC but understand the need for offering the other side of the bias map. But it could be nice to go back to actually attempting to present things in a more neutral way.

Your friend

Cecil Touchon

What Constitutes A Massurreality?

by Cecil Touchon

Breaking it down into three components:


This is a reference to mass media - Television, movies, electronic, digital, computer influence, ads, print, billboard & other means as art. A new generation of artists are living in the age of mass-media, the internet, nuclear devices, and genetic engineering and the perennial question of what does it all mean? The details of daily life.

SUR: (Super):

Sur is interesting because it can have two meanings which are opposite of each other Transcendental / Superficial If you combine these meanings you have the completion - "Mind is Heaven and Hell. The akasha or accommodation is not so different from the sky. Sky we see at day or night: in the day there is a single torch yet all illumination; in the night there are many lamps, yet darkness. Sky at night is like the mind replete with knowledge of names and forms -- it is still in darkness -- while sky at day is like illuminated mind." (Samuel Lewis ) In this sense we are mostly discussing night conditions - many lights, yet darkness.


This is a reference more to Consensus Reality than any other- The one assumed to be experienced by all used by mass media - average, sensual reality, This is the one surrealism is 'surring' from

Surrealism: of course, this is the original movement that is the basis of Massurrealism but taking into account the growth of advertising, mass media, widened perspective, Pop Art, capitalism, etc.

The Massurreality then, is an overarching surrogate humo-centric reality constructed by humanity which forms a part of and is intertwined within the Unified Field of Dogma.

The current modernist version is not unlike what Guy Debord calls the Society of the Spectacle. However, we shall refer here to the Massurreality in a more positive way than Debord's more alienating and negative critique of modern society that he called the Society of the Spectacle.

The Massurreality is gradually growing into all economic and geographic sectors of humanity driven by the ubiquitous corporate desire for constant economic expansion. This expansion brings with it the program of the continuous, mantric repetition of positive advertising messages about the commodities that these corporate entities wish to sell to the general consumer population in order to inspire in it the sense of need for the commodities which are presented. A central theme of these laudatory messages is that through the purchase of these commodities the consumer not only receives the physical product itself but, by imbibing the product, is additionally imbued with all of the positive traits shown in the commercials and is tacitly accepted as a member of modern society.

In order for corporations to manufacture a need for their products there must first be in place the instruments of communicating their persuasive arguments regarding those products which will bequeath the modern dream upon those who are assumed to so badly be in need of it and who, ironicly, come to regard themselves has having developed such a need.

These instruments of communication, in their most powerful form - television and radio - provide exciting and entertaining images that implant the dream of belonging in the mind of a receptive audience. This milieu of tele-visual mass media communication provides what has become the bi product of the corporate desire for expansion which is the knowledge of the cultural envelope - via news, entertainment and sporting events - that are provided as content between the central purpose of tele-visual media namely to transmit corporate advertising messages.

Thus, the corporate process of manufacture, distribution and retail availability of the wide range of advertised products of modern society is the backbone of this spreading denatured, refined and enriched massurreality in which most are engulfed. The 'content' serving to flesh out the cultural context in which products may find their consumer base.

Through this massurreality we accept by default our individual identities chosen and built from a pre-established menu of dreams and social conventions at the center of which is our identity as a modern consumer of products. The messages within our massurreality are all orchestrated before us in a cacophony of seeming related information of various types.

However, upon analysis there is no relation between one message and the next other than the fact that they share the same form of media presentation giving a visual uniformity that we assume suggests an underlying unity of purpose.


"We all live in a great Massurreality. It is the world that we, as humans have self created through our use of media. When we watch TV, listen to the radio, read a book or news paper, go to a church, a school or an art museum, when we dabble on the internet or read any sign along the highway as we sit in our vehicles we are absorbing our minds in a humo-centric reality that stand apart from the natural world. In this mental construct we have an identity. It is a borrowed identity, an identity given to us by way of name, by way of race, by way of socio-economic standing, by way of our education, our religion, our occupation, our buying habits. Each of us proudly occupies a place in a variety of demographic parameters. This is our massurrealist identity, our place in the great Massurreality."


In anticipation of the Obama win, I launched a new organization called the Creative Caucus – The Voice of Positive Change.

We are hoping to create a dialog among creatives to explore how we might have a positive voice and effect on the Massurreality.

I’ll keep you informed.

Cecil Touchon

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